Need condoms? Right there in the fucking aisle in a supermarket or CVS. Need female birth control? Nah bruh, need a prescription and the consent of the lord Jesus Christ amen

Condoms can cost as little as a dollor a pop. A goddamn DOLLAR. The pill is nowhere near that cheap. Unless you can find a way to get to Planned Parenthood and sit in their waiting room after having driven past a parade of judemental assholes holding abortion signs. 

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birth control

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Happy 35th birthday, Hermione Jean Granger (19/09/1979)

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hermione granger harry potter Happy Birthday Hermione Granger


Pluto Tumblr Posts photoset

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groot is probs assumed to be male but tbh i figure groot is a lil genderless being. who needs the gender binary when you’re a celestial tree creature. riddle me that.

"Are you a boy, or a girl?"
"I am Groot."

But like, didn’t Groot accidentally grab Gamora instead of Peter at the beginning? And Rocket was all “Learn genders already!” So like. Groot has no idea what gender is. Seems pretty canon to me?

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Alexander Tsiaras’ Anatomical Photography

You’ve seen his art before on tumblr, in google search gif sets (where I found some of these images) and facebook, but you likely don’t know the author of the art because people fail to give artists credit. Tsiaras’ work pops up on my dash constantly and has never been sourced as far as I’ve seen it. So here you go, tumblr. Meet the artist. Learn more in the links provided below.

"Alexander Tsiaras, Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of TheVisualMD, has been called a "Digital Age Leonardo da Vinci". He is a technology innovator, whose roots are based in his art and science photojournalism background. Tsiaras has developed cutting edge scientific imaging software that enables him to scan and record the human body at every stage; from a single cell at the moment of conception, through the biological development of man and woman and he tells compelling stories of wellness and prevention with them. His images simply and compellingly explain health and illness in terms that anyone can understand. Most importantly, they give you a visual map to plan your own optimal Health!"

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  • High-School Teachers: You need to be professional when you go to college. High-School dress-code reflect what COLLEGE classes expect you to wear.
  • Actual College Student: I know this class is at 5:00 pm, but I'm wearing pajama pants and a tank top.
  • Actual College Professor: lol same.
Second Star to the right? 

Second Star to the right? 

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"How Can I Tell This Customer To Fuck Off Without Getting Fired" - an anthology by retail workers worldwide

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